The Power of Palm

We're a distillery. But not just any distillery.
With operations in Benin, West Africa, we produce traditional palm liquor by combining local distilling wisdom with modern techniques to produce West Africa's most cherished and most awarded palm liquor.

Africa, Rising

Why are we so invested in the growth of Africa? With rapid population growth, urbanization, and a budding middle class, Africa is poised to both create value, and demand it. Read more about our vision for the future of this amazing region and how we hope to contribute to its growth.

In good spirits

We make sodabi, a traditional West African palm liquor that we distill with premium quality. Learn more about this unique genre of liquor and its role in West African culture.

Our Subsidiary, La Distillerie Beninoise

Our fully-owned subsidiary, La Distillerie Beninoise, is our main point of operations in Africa. Take a sneak peek at the upcoming additions to our facility.

Other topics

Our Story

Learn about how VooDoo Spirits was first started, and meet the founding team.

Our Impact

Producing the world’s best sodabi isn’t the only thing we concern ourselves with. Take a look at some of our initiatives to enhance the market ecosystem:

Our Brand

Sodabi, the traditional palm liquor, is found all over the place in West Africa. What makes ours so special? Get the scoop on Tambour Original here.