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Tambour Original: Our flagship, premium brand of sodabi

Smooth. Exotic. Sophisticated. Tambour Original celebrates the proud roots and traditions of Benin, West Africa, by showcasing its best kept secret – the palm liquor. Palm liquor is a traditional West African spirit that is distilled from the sap of palm trees and is a vibrant part of everyday life. In Benin and Togo, it’s called sodabi, though as its popularity extends well past these country borders, it is also known as different terms in other regions. It can be consumed straight, in its clear form, as well as aged and infused with a variety of ingredients.

To produce the best tasting sodabi in the world, we leverage a network of local farmers who harvest the highest quality palm sap in the country, which then undergoes quality control testing and fermentation monitoring at our facility.

Next, we utilize our imported global-standard distilling equipment to distill the mash two separate times. While this process takes longer and requires more rigorous monitoring, we believe this yields the smoothest and richest flavored liquor out of the stills.

Tambour comes in 2 flavors:

Spiced sodabi

Twice-distilled for superior quality, then masterfully finished in small batches with American oak, hibiscus flowers, dates, honey, and other local tropical fruits and spices for an intensely smooth and uniquely African spirit.

Pure sodabi

Newly launched Pure sodabi is a clear, crisp unaged sodabi. Tambour Original Pur is twice-distilled for a smooth great taste that retains the natural palm flavors.


This West African drink and our unique blend of aromatics and spices has been winning over the judges in the global spirits industry.

Silver Medal

New York International Spirits Competition

The New York International Spirits Competition awarded Tambour Original Spiced Sodabi a Silver Medal in 2017. This competition is unique because their judging panel is made up exclusively of buyers and distributors in the liquor industry. Through their blind judging process, they confirmed Tambour Original a silver medalist.

Benin Liqueur of the Year

New York International Spirits Competition

Also in The New York International Spirits Competition, Tambour Original Spiced Sodabi was awarded a Gold Medal in 2017. This award is country-specific, and the judging panel awarded Tambour Original with a Gold Medal to recognize it as the finest liqueur from Benin.

Silver Medal

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The San Francisco World Spirits competition awarded Tambour Original Spiced Sodabi a Silver Medal in 2015. Through a 3-day long blind taste-test process, Tambour Original’s versatile flavor profile and a rich history made Tambour stand out from competition as an exciting new entry into the spirits market.

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Tambour Original product website

For a more in-depth look at Tambour Original, visit the product page at www.tambour-original.com