African Operations

We've set up our company structure to attain several strategic advantages

Our company is called VooDoo Spirits, headquartered in New York. However, we operate almost exclusively through our subsidiary company, La Distillerie Beninoise SARL, which is headquartered in Cotonou, Benin.

We see several strategic advantages for operating out of Benin, West Africa:

Access to Growing Markets

The region of West Africa is growing rapidly, both in GDP and in population – in fact, the vast majority of human population growth between now and 2050 will be in Africa. In addition, there is a rapidly emerging middle class in Africa and Benin. We believe that Benin offers excellent access to these attractive market conditions, while also offering several distinct advantages such as low cost of living relative to the rest of the region with easy access to the big cities, a well-developed sea port for import/export, low labor costs, and political and monetary stability.

Under-utilized Resources

We believe that the palm trees that grow natively in the coastal regions of West Africa are not being leveraged to their full potential. Over the last couple decades, farmers have been transitioning away from harvesting palm sap and instead are harvesting other cash crops. At the same time, palm sap has not been utilized to its full potential, and largely remains a raw material used informally for small-scale sodabi production. By fully leveraging the potential of these palm trees for industrial-scale agro-processing, we can simultaneously increase the potential value of a resource that is experiencing an exodus.

Blue Ocean Opportunity

The local liquor market in West Africa remains almost entirely informal. It is produced small-scale, un-branded, with virtually no quality control, consistency, or accountability. Distribution exists only by word-of-mouth and in the nearest markets to the village in which it was produced. By elevating this liquor to the global standards of the bottled beverage industry, we’re believe there is an opportunity to establish ourselves as the thought-leaders of this genre of liquor as it becomes formalized in the growing West African Consumer Packaged Goods sector.

We're working on upgrades to our current facility

We have very exciting plans for La Distillerie Beninoise, our West African subsidiary. Thanks to a generous grant from Sémé City, a Benin-based development initiative backed by the World Bank, we have received a grant to build additions to our production facility.

In this updated facility we will offer guided tours of how we produce our award-winning sodabi. It will also house the world’s first exhibit dedicated to the cultural and historical significance of sodabi in West Africa.

Guests will be able to enjoy our house-made cocktails elevating the flavors of sodabi, as well as unique infusions and flavor prototypes that we make exclusively for our guests. We’ll also provide dining service, with a meal selection prepared in-house and a menu that pairs perfectly with our drink selection.

Stay tuned as we continue the process of updating our facility. We’ll be happy to host you for a tour in the very near future!

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